1. Traditional Japanese, Spanish Ham:

    Japanese Made Jamón Serrano

    Jamon Serrano is a well known ingredient essential to Spanish cuisine. Today, we go to a mountainous area called Shirakami Sanchi, one of the Japan’s World Natural Heritage sites, to see how a local version of jamon serrano is being made. (Video)


    Makes even more sense when you consider that:

    • Jamón Serrano = Mountain Ham
    • Sanchi (山地) = Mountain Area

    Maybe they should call it “Jamón Sanchi”?


  2. Thai Fruit Carving

    Kae Sa Luk - Thai Fruit & Vegetable Carving (Video)

    Kae sa luk, the centuries-old Thai tradition of transforming fruits and vegetables into elaborate displays, began in the court of King Phra Ruang. Meals were expected to please both the palate and the eye. Using specialized tools to make intricate incisions and excisions, artisans—either palace chefs or the daughters of aristocrats—would craft foodstuffs to resemble plants and animals. Onions become chrysanthemum blossoms, cucumbers are fashioned into leaves to ornament soups, and the vibrant colors of a watermelon’s pulp and rind are used to dramatic effect in the creation of flower blossoms.


    Note: You can find books on Kae Sa Luk at a couple of places in Los Angeles, I’ve personally seen them at “Thai Book & Music” in front of LAX-C market near Chinatown, but I would be surprised if they didn’t have them at the bookstore behind Silom Supermarket in Thai Town, both of which I believe are Dokya Bookstores (ร้านดอกหญ้า).


  3. Links:

    Beautiful, White, Sheep:

    Mongolia’s herders seek a new approach (Video)
    Ueno Park, Sakura Festival
    Basque in Bakersfield
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    Enoki Koori (Enoki Ice) / えのき氷
    A Beautiful Thing (via)

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  4. That which follows a dragon…


  5. Time to make the (tiny) donuts…