1. Reggie’s local wild boar barbecue at the Anahola Farmers’ Market, Kauai.


  2. The taro fields of northern Kauai.


  3. White mountain apples, the freshest poi, Okinawan purple sweet potatoes at the Kauai Community Farmers’ Market.


  4. Saimin with ham, braised pork, fish cake, egg, bok choy and wontons at Hamura’s Saimin on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.


  5. Pickling lime (calcium hydroxide), used in Southern Cuisine to pickle watermelon rinds, green tomatoes and cucumbers + more.

    Identical to Cal Mexicana, Indian Chuna, Indonesian Kapur Sirih, Vietnamese Voi and Thai Lime Paste.

    Closely related to many other food-grade alkali.


  6. Fugetsu-Do Japanese Bakery (風月堂) in Little Tokyo, LA for 111 years. 

    Selling traditional wagashi (和菓子) and other snacks.

    Opened in 1903, it is the oldest business in the area.


  7. Korean yellow / golden melon seeds for sale in Koreatown, LA.

    Geumje Chamoe (금제참외) | Cucumis melo var. makuwa


  8. Cal Mexicana, mineral lime for making nixtamal (corn for masa) for sale in Los Angeles.

    Adding water makes calcium hydroxide (slaked lime), a strong alkali.

    Related to all these items.


  9. An Indian cheese (paneer) delivery truck in Glendale, CA.


  10. Shrimp paste fried chicken, coconut rice, beef rendang taco at Grainivore Singaporean in K-Town.

    "Prawn paste chicken" or har cheong gai (虾酱鸡) is popular in Singapore.


  11. Bánh Mì Hero, Vietnamese sandwiches in Louisville, Kentucky.