2. Cubano sandwich after the plancha at Cafe Tropical in LA.

    Materva soda of yerba mate.



  3. Sign for lutefisk and pickled herring salad at Olson’s Scandinavian Delicatessen in LA.




  5. Photo of a photo of Halo Halo.

    Filipino-Chinese steam buns (siopao).

    Seafood City Filipino supermarket.

    A huge selection of fish at Seafood City.

    Halo halo, siopao, fish at Seafood City, bangus, longanisa, tapa & tocino for breakfast.

    Filipino food at Eagle Rock Plaza Mall, LA. 

    ( 2012 )


  6. Anca’s Romanian stuffed flatbread (plachinta) served with sour cream at Jameson Brown in Pasadena.


  7. Filipino coconut rice cake (bibingka) in banana leaf and chicken empanada at Josephine’s in West Covina (LA).


  8. Filipino street barbecue skewers on the grill at Dollar Hits outside Temple Seafood Market in LA.

    Helmet, Isaw Ng Baboy, Walkman (Tenga), Isaw Ng Manok


  9. Buttered Cubanos before the plancha at El Jefe in Los Angeles.


  10. Spiral cut fried potatoes on a stick.

    Egg & Cheese Taiwanese "Pop Cakes" (爆蛋糕).

    Stinky tofu (臭豆腐) stand.

    Fried squid stand.

    Jian bing (煎饼) Chinese egg pancake, here with roast beef.

    Braised pork burger with rice paddy buns.

    Fresh mangosteen.

    Indonesian noodles (mi / mie), instant.

    Spiral potato on a stick, Taiwanese pop cakes (爆蛋糕), long lines for fried squid and stinky tofu (臭豆腐).

    Egg pancakes (jian bing /煎饼) with roast beef, rice patty buns on braised pork burgers.

    Fresh Thai mangosteen, instant Indonesian noodles.

    Ramen burger buns, behind bars.

    626 Night Market in LA.


  11. Jugos magazine + tacos at King Taco nearby in L.A.